Two Wheel Endeavours Inc. started when a small group of passionate racers started looking for better options. The sport of ice racing was getting expensive and losing riders. A half decade later and TWE has become a premier source for Mitas brand motorcycle tires, ADV motorcycling in the Peace Region and operating partner for various other moto-centric companies operating in the area.

upcoming Events


Our annual events list includes participation in various motorcycle racing events throughout Canada and the USA.

Regular stops include the world famous
NUMB BUM 24 Hr Endurance Ice Racing World Championships &

The 3hr Steel Shoe Fund Ice race, one of the largest ice racing events in the United States


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Products include:

PREMIUM Mitas Ice Racing Tires
**The Worlds Longest Lasting Ice Tires**

Studded Ice Tire & Ice Racing Accessory Packages

"Kold Kutter" Brand Ice Racing Studs and Accessories

Mitas Motorcycle Products for MX, SX, Enduro, Cross Country, ADV Moto, Street & Track applications

Custom Manufactured Moto Solutions

Two Wheel Endeavours